Your Colon - Symptoms of an Inflamed Colon

By Ken Hayward

Is your colon in tip-top shape?

Flushing bowel movements normal?

Bowel movements regular?

These are some of the questions I asked myself about 10 years ago because of my unhealthy eating habits and not paying attention to what I was inserting into my mouth. I could not answer these questions in a favorable and satisfying manner.

One can say I was cleaning up my act with colonic cleansing, like digging in an irrigation ditch to clean out the path to make way cleaning a path for flowing waste. In 2001 I started in with a health regimen of a complete change of attitude, mindset, and mentality.

I started to move away from fast foods, junk foods, wrong products going into my mouth. I started to add vitamins to my daily routine along with my healthy eating food regimen. Wow, the change was tough for the first eight months but as I continued to implement my health regimen I started to enjoy better foods and how I felt.

My colon enjoyed the changeover colon and colonic cleansing is a very proactive task to keep your colon health and in check. Matter of fact colon cleansing was very easy considering I knew what was going into my body, the foods had nutritional value. Before 2001 I didn't care what nutritional value any food had and the food going into my body.

The colon cleanse is a very important task to blend into a daily health and wellness regimen, like running water into the sink and hoping the water runs down the drain fast. If the water runs down the sink fast everything is fine but running water into a sink and the water backs up and runs down the drain in a sluggish manner, something is clogging the water going down fast.

Your body is very important to you and when you have an irregular bowel running waste in a sluggish manner, it is time to rectify the situation by implementing the colon cleanse into a daily health measurement routine.

The colon plays a vital role in the digestive system, the colon processes and converts a few pints of liquid waste it receives in a given day, converts the liquid into a solid form and finishes the process by helping waste exit the body. So along with the colon together with the rectum both contribute to humans creating a smooth and easy bowel movement. Along with health check levels, human anatomy, and eating habits play vital roles in how healthy is your colon.

If you're suffering from backaches, continuous headaches, chronic constipation, frequent fatigue, and possibly bloating in the abdomen may need a good colon cleansing treatment. To ignore these signs can be fatal and possibly become more complicated with major health problems down the road.

Conditions such as diets, lack of fiber, not enough of oral fluid, not establishing a health mindset and mentality in health food regimen, and the habit of delaying a bowel movement, can cause constipation colon and bowel movement stresses.

You deserve to look into establishing a healthy you and give your body a new vision, mission, and goal.

Ken Hayward
A healthy and Active You


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