Asparagus is a microbiome balancer

Asparagus is a microbiome balancer with many hats. It leaves you feeling full, helps you lose weight, and is rich in inulin (Prebiotic), which feeds the microbiome in your gut. It also contains multiple nutrients that help heal the gut wall and magnesium, which is needed for digestive enzymes.

About Prebiotics
It’s not enough to just get beneficial bacteria (probiotics) into your body. To make sure these good guys stay and thrive, you’ve got to feed them. One of their preferred meals is a type of soluble fiber called fructooligosaccharides (FOS), found in a wide range of vegetables, fruits and grains.

Because FOS helps probiotics thrive, this fiber and its relatives have been dubbed prebiotics. It’s a term we’ll be seeing more as scientists unravel the details of how our gut microbiome works. Beyond being probiotic power food, FOS has been shown to increase absorption of minerals such as calcium, improve feelings of satiety, reduce the risk of colon cancer and, ahem, “keep things moving.


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