Pesticides linked to Parkinson's risk

STUDY: Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Risk in People with Specific Gene. Several studies have linked pesticides with the development of Parkinson's disease, and now this newest 2014 study has found a specific gene that may explain why some people are particularly susceptible to developing Parkinson's after exposure to certain pesticides. One important part of the study was that the researchers had maps of pesticide use from the past 40 years available because of California laws requiring that pesticide use be reported. It would be difficult or impossible to repeat the study in another state, says Dr. Beate Ritz, a professor of epidemiology at University of California, Los Angeles and co-director of the school’s Center for Gene-Environment Studies in Parkinson's Disease.

No toxic pesticides-use monitoring in other states. Yet another way the agrichemical industry and Big Ag gets away with doing damage to human & animal health and the environment. No traceability. No accountability. No liability. It’s just the way these unethical corporations like it, and is one of the reasons they’re fighting tooth and nail against mandatory state and federal-level GMO labeling initiatives as well.


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