Men's Health Facts


  1. There seems to be a taboo or a conspiracy of silence when it comes to both open discussion and prevention issues around men's health. And, many 'curable' conditions go untreated as a result.

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  3. Our skin---when toxins build up and cannot release through the intestines and lungs, they then seek an outlet through the skin, ie. as acne, rashes, psoriasis, etc. From an Acupuncture point of view, we would address skin issues by treating intestine or lung points, since together all three are eliminatory organs. If the body is not hydrated enough or ingests too many acidic foods, ie sugar and red meat, then the skin becomes dry-- as a reflection of overheated digestion in the stomach.

    Dr. name: Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt
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    Acupuncture and massage:
    eliminate fine lines
    lessen deep wrinkles
    firm sagging skin
    lift droopy eyes
    improve skin tone
    tighten pores
    increase collagen production
    eliminate puffiness
    reduce double chins
    promote overall health
    slow down the aging process

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